The Vancouver Scene - part five of a City Limits (Much Music) program about the punk scene from 1976-1979. (directed by ???)

Clip from an upcoming doc (directed by Susanne Tabata) about the old Vancouver punk scene.

Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan, formerly with Guns n' Roses, cut his teeth in the early Vancouver punk scene with the Fastbacks and the Fartz. He's in a new doc featuring core originals - such as Art Bergmann - from the Vancouver scene.

And here are some other Vancouver bands from the 70s and 80s.

...but first a word from Bob Rock (another clip from Susanne Tabata's upcoming doc).

World War III - D.O.A. (video by Shane Lunny)

A D.O.A. story told by Randy Rampage about Joey Shithead. (clip from Susannne Tabata's upcoming punk documentary)

Fuck You - Subhumans (Canada) (video by Doreen Grey)

Past is Past - Dishrags (from Victoria, BC) (video by Rick Martin, Dave Cochrane, Ed Mowbray)

Real Thing - Pointed Sticks (video by Rick Martin, Dave Cochrane, Ed Mowbray)

Barbra - Modernettes (video by Rick Martin, Dave Cochrane, Stan Sawczyszyn) rehersal (video by Doreen Grey)

China Boys - Payola$ (video by Rick Martin, Dave Cochrane, Ed Mowbray)

Teenage Barnacle - The Enigmas (directed by ???)

The Criminal - Sons of Freedom (directed by ???)

Have Not Been the Same - Slow (direct by ???)

Dig It - Skinny Puppy (directed by ???)

And (why not?) here's...Soundproof. [viewer discretion is advised]

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The following fulfills the requirements of Canada's strict cultural policies. (Failure to show this video would result in heavy fines, possibly even a prison term).